Islip Resource Recovery Agency

Project: Environmental Compliance Management and Auditing Services

SIN: 899-2, Environmental Compliance Services

The Islip Resource Recovery Agency (IRRA) was interested in identifying and appropriately managing any evident or potential violations at three of its facilities located in Suffolk County, New York. IRRA engaged us to assist with this compliance initiative.

PWGC performed compliance audits at the IRRA facilities: the MacArthur Composting Facility; the Blydenburgh Landfill and Groundwater Treatment Plant; and the Multipurpose Recycling Center and Collection Unit. PWGC’s objectives for the audits were to identify any current or potential violations that fall under the regulations of:

  • Community Right to Know & SPCC
  • OSHA & Pesticides
  • Chemical Bulk Storage & Article 12


  • Category: [Environmental Compliance]
  • We obtained Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests from the Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) to gain access to county files for the facilities.

  • We reviewed current permits, registered tank lists, inspection reports, and drawings. As a next step, we used the findings to develop an audit plan for each of the facilities. Each IRRA facility was audited independently by two PWGC engineers specializing in Suffolk County hazardous materials and waste handling regulations, OSHA compliance (worker safety, HAZCOM), and NYS Environmental Law compliance.

    Areas and items inspected included:

    • Petroleum Bulk Storage & Chemical Storage Tanks
    • Waste Storage & Dry Storage Areas
    • Pesticides Usage & Storage
    • Lead-Acid Battery Storage & Recharge Areas
    • Leachate Collection & Handling Storage Facilities
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Chemical Compatibility, MSDS, Labeling & Signage
    • Permitting/Registration
  • PWGC created an Environmental Health & Safety Audit report for each facility. The report detailed the specific violations, cited applicable regulations, and presented recommendations, as well as corrective actions.