North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System

Project: Environmental Compliance Services for Health System

SIN: 899-1, Environmental Compliance Services

North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System (NSLIJ), a hospital system located throughout Long Island, New York engaged P.W. Grosser Consulting (PWGC) to conduct Environmental Audits for several hospitals and to develop an Environmental Compliance Document based on the findings from the audits.

PWGC collaborated with NSLIJ Health system to identify and review applicable regulations at the Federal, State and local levels. United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) environmental regulations were of paramount concern. Relevant issues include universal waste recycling, mercury, asbestos, employees training, chemotherapy waste disposal, Spill Prevention Plans (SPP), and State Pollution Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) permits.

  • Category: [Environmental Compliance]
Project Recap

For each site, PWGC developed a prioritized checklist of environmental concerns, conducted on-site inventories and management surveys, generated solutions based on the results of inventories/surveys and developed a database with an electronic file to link data to each environmental area of concern.

With all information gathered, PWGC has conducted several facility visits with appropriate NSLIJ personnel. Site visits included inspection, photograph documentation, and inventory of all storage tanks, hazardous materials/wastes storage areas, air emission/venting locations, storm water collection locations, potable water and wastewater collection locations. PWGC collected operations documentation, such as current/historical maps of the facility layout and surrounding properties; standard operating procedures (SOPs) for hospital activities; a list of chemicals with appropriate materials safety data sheets (MSDS) utilized by the facility; copies of pertinent permits and waste manifests; training logs; records of operations and maintenance of engineering, laboratory and environmental service procedures.

Upon completion the environmental audits, PWGC identified and collaborated with NSLIJ management in taking appropriate actions on several environmental concerns that included:

  • Update of current Nassau County Department of Health (NCDOH) Toxic of Hazardous Materials Storage Facility Permits & NYSDEC Air Facility Registration Certificates
  • Development of an alternative route for the laboratory’s disposal of solvent waste
  • Reporting of illicit silver discharges to the wastewater system PWGC had discovered, according to the City of Glen Cove’s DPW regulations
  • Development of an inventory of chemotherapy waste

PWGC continues to support and consult NSLIJ to effectively manage Environmental compliance and reporting. PWGC prepared an Environmental Compliance Document that identified the information gathered during the audit, and presented PWGC’s recommendations regarding NSLIJ’s approach to ensuring compliance with respect to each of the identified environmental issues.