NYCT, 38th Street Yard

Project: Waste Management Services, Transit System Project

SIN: 899-4, Waste Management Services

In this project, we prepared planning documents that included a Waste Management Plan (WMP). The Plan was prepared in support of infrastructure modifications for the New York City Transit’s (NYCT’s) 38th Street Yard. PWGC prepared this document under subcontract to T. Moriarty and Son, Inc. (TMS).

  • Category: [Waste Management]
  • NYCT-planned infrastructure modifications/improvements at the site included the installation of new, and modification of existing, subsurface site utilities and construction of a new Heavy Equipment Shop building in an existing active rail yard. The modifications and foundation preparation at the site required excavation and management of potentially petroleum contaminated soil as well as removal of asphalt, concrete and rail lines.

  • PWGC installed soil borings, collected samples and sent them to an accredited laboratory for analysis. In order to comply with proper waste procedures and regulations,

  • PWGC developed a Waste Management Plan that addressed:

    • Anticipated Waste Streams and Volumes
    • Material Handling and Waste Storage
    • Disposal Facilities Reuse Options
    • Documentation and Reporting Requirements
  • PWGC reviewed the proposed construction activities and calculated volumes for the different waste streams that would be generated, identifying classes of waste and recyclable materials. To manage these wastes during construction activities, PWGC developed handling and storage requirements working closely with the client to accommodate how work would progress. The WMP detailed the disposal options, identifying facilities for recycling and disposal as well as reuse options. The plan also included the tracking of bills of lading and manifests.

  • PWGC provided waste management consulting relative to waste management issues and upon completion of all modification and improvement activities, a report was provided that documented final waste volumes and disposal facilities.