Old Roosevelt Field

Project: Field Support for Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) for Contaminated Groundwater Site

SIN: 899-4, Waste Management Services

In this project, we provided field support for a CERCLA Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) performed at Old Roosevelt Field groundwater contaminated site in Nassau County, New York. PWGC performed this work under our USEPA Remedial Action Contract as a subcontractor to CDM Federal Programs Division.

  • Category: [Waste Management]
  • In accordance with the USEPA environmental concerns within the area, PWGC provided field support and was directly responsible for the coordination and execution of all field activities outlined in the Work Plan. PWGC was the Field Team Leader for this project that consisted of vertical profiles (VPs, gamma logging of boreholes, and monitoring well installations. VPs and gamma logging were performed and the data reviewed to determine the appropriate screen zone for the monitoring wells.

  • After installation of the monitoring wells and a West Bay multi-port sampling system, PWGC oversaw the sampling effort. PWGC ensured that all field tasks adhered to the Work Plan and the Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP). Field personnel reported directly to PWGC personnel on matters relating to the field investigation and daily activities.

  • PWGC was responsible for:

    • Maintaining and completing chains of custody
    • Sampling Quality Control (QC) plan
    • Completing all paperwork correctly
    • Collecting duplicates and blanks
    • Properly labeling, storing and shipping in accordance with applicable requirements in the QAPP
    [li]In addition to being the point of contact with the USEPA, PWGC contacted property owners on a weekly basis to update on status and progress. Reports were written and submitted daily to summarize field activities. Daily reports for subcontractors were also generated that were utilized for billing purposes, which aided in monitoring project expenditures. In addition, PWGC ensured that protocols specified in the Health & Safety Plan (HASP) were implemented during field activities. Daily meetings were held to discuss the day’s activities as well as address personnel on health and safety issues related to the day’s work scope. PWGC was responsible for up- or down-grading the level of personnel protection in accordance with the HASP, based on existing site conditions and PWGC methods we maintained control of project documents throughout the project.

  • PWGC tracked investigation-derived wastes, coordinating for characterization, temporary storage and ultimate disposal. In addition, PWGC was responsible for maintaining waste manifests and tracked volumes that were disposed. The field data collected was used to support the feasibility study and evaluate remedial activities.