PWGC Leads Drilling Demo for SBU Students

PWGC’s President, Dr. Paul Grosser, Ph.D., P.E., led the 2017 drilling demonstration for students in Stony Brook University’s (SBU) Civil Engineering Department in February, providing valuable insights about the civil engineering industry and answering students’ questions. These live demos help future engineers gain valuable experience as they work toward their degree.


A member of the Civil Engineering Advisory Board at SBU, Dr. Grosser believes that real-world experience is an essential adjunct to classroom learning. The drilling demonstration was conducted by Center Moriches-based Land, Air, Water Environmental Services, Inc., whose representatives provided details about the drilling process and drill operation.


Kaitlin Brown, Laboratory Director with Stony Brook’s Civil Engineering Department, told us she got extremely positive feedback from the engineering students, and looks forward to next year’s event!