Carbon Footprint Assessment

All sectors are facing increased pressure from the public, clients, media, government, and investors to report their corporate policy for reducing carbon emissions and implementing sustainable operations.
PWGC: Applying knowledge and insight

To develop your baseline carbon emissions profile, we’ll determine the carbon emissions based on your corporation’s day-to-day activities that cause greenhouse gas emissions.

We use protocols based on The Climate Registry:

  • Direct Emissions (Scope 1) – On-site fuel combustion, fugitive refrigeration emissions, etc.
  • Indirect Emissions (Scope 2) – Electricity consumption, imported steam, heating, etc.
  • Indirect Emissions (Scope 3) * – All other emissions (personnel transportation & travel, materials purchased, waste, etc).

    * Scope 3 is currently not required if submitting via The Climate Registry.

With PWGC’s carbon emissions analysis, you will be able to integrate proactive guidelines into your corporate policy, develop strategies to reduce operational costs, and assess your long-term return on investment for going green.

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Benefits to calculating your carbon footprint include:
  • Integrate proactive guidelines into your corporate policy
  • Develop strategies to reduce operational costs
  • Assess your long-term return on investment for going green
  • “Greenification” is a leading competitive advantage in the business sector
  • Business sustainability as part of corporate responsibility
  • Comply with customer/investor requests
  • Develop strategies for operational cost savings
  • Public relations & marketing
  • Establishing your firm as a leader in green initiatives in your industry
  • Being in the forefront of imminent regulatory changes
  • Establish a baseline year from which emission credits can be applied
  • Qualify for regulatory issued carbon credits
  • Receive potential monetary value for reduced emissions
Green it up.
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