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The testing of drinking water has become front page news across the nation.
Lead Exposure in Children

The spotlight is on lead exposure to children, from the catastrophe in Flint, Michigan to local reports of high lead levels in several Long Island schools. Diligent water testing has become essential to ensure the health of our students.

Children and infants tend to absorb more lead than the average adult; as a result, they are highly susceptible to adverse health effects from lead exposure. Risks include impaired mental development, IQ deficits, shorter attention span, and lower birth weight. Testing water in schools and day care facilities is of critical importance because children spend a significant portion of their days in these facilities and likely consume water while there.

The EPA's Lead and Copper Rule states:

If more than ten percent of taps tested exceed 15 parts per billion (ppb), the school MUST: take remedial action to control corrosivity of water; increase monitoring; educate the public; and possibly replace the water service lines.

If the action level for lead is exceeded, the school district MUST inform the public about the steps they will take to protect the health of those that attend and work in that school.

Lead Testing Protocol for Schools

To get accurate results, following proper sampling procedures for any water testing program is essential. PWGC recently completed lead testing of more than 44 New York City schools. Our water quality experts can help your district navigate the regulatory waters and conduct the necessary testing to ensure the safety of all students and staff. Lead testing involves identifying all water sources that may be contaminated throughout your school and conducting a flushing, sample and testing program.

The sampling process, in conformance with the EPA’s Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water techniques, can be completed before and after school hours. The samples will then be analyzed and tested. If the contaminant levels exceed EPA standards, the appropriate course of remedial action can then be plotted and implemented.

To ensure that your school’s water supply is clean, safe and compliant, please email PWGC or use the form below.

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