John Rhyner, PG, Guests on WUSB 90.1 FM’s Environmental Radio Hour: Natural Alternative Series

July 22, 2019 / PWGC News

John Rhyner, PG, VP of Geothermal Services, was a guest on the Environmental Radio Hour with host Rhea Courtney Bozic, part of the Natural Alternative Series on WUSB Stony Brook, 90.1 FM. The show airs live at 6:00 pm and runs until 6:45 pm. The WUSB signal reaches mid Suffolk County, and can also be live streamed at from anywhere.

John shares his experience on the Environmental Radio Hour:

“I had the pleasure to be a guest on an hour-long radio show hosted by an old colleague of mine, Rhea Bozic. Rhea asked to interview me about my chosen career path as a geologist, Long Island’s aquifer system, and my current work on geothermal systems. It was a new experience for me. I’ve done a couple of short TV spots and a lot of video-taped presentations, but this was a first for me “behind the mic.”

It was great to see Rhea again and reminisce “on air” about our experiences with the prior environmental firm we worked at together. I enjoyed that more than answering Rhea’s questions about the local geology and what geothermal is. Without being seen by the audience, it feels like you’re having a one-on-one chat with someone. Overall it was genuinely a memorable experience for me. A bonus was my wife and son were listening while driving in the car, and my teenage daughter was listening with several of her girlfriends, and all with surprisingly great excitement I should add. They were texting me during the show that they were listening in “real time,” which frankly made it quite a surreal experience. I would do it again if asked without hesitation!”

Rhea Courtney Bozic is an environmental scientist and alternative fuels expert with experience in a variety of environmental areas, including sustainable transportation, EV charging and vehicles, reducing fuel use and greenhouse gases, fueling facility design, engineering feasibility studies for hazardous waste sites, air quality testing and regulations, industrial hygiene/worker protection, and municipal energy efficiency evaluations. She formed her own Long Island based consulting firm, Clean Fuels Consulting, in late 2003. She has been filling in on the staff rotation of the Natural Alternatives Show since 2017;  her segment is the Environmental Radio Hour, where she concentrates on helping students and the audience learn about environmental careers through the stories of professionals in the field as they speak about their areas of expertise in energy efficiency, biology, utilities, planning, healthcare, and other natural sciences.

Rhea states:

“John was such a good guest. He is a radio natural. We’d like to persuade him to host his own show! I hope his recollections help inspire someone to become a geologist! He makes the best point that if your career study path makes you feel uncomfortable, maybe it’s not the right one for you. He had to search, and so may others, to find the right fit.”

You may listen to the show below!


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