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May 07, 2024 /

Amy Marigliano, GIS Analyst at PWGC, graduated from Gettysburg College (College) with a degree in environmental studies with a focus in GIS and spatial analysis and a minor in data science. The skills learned during my time at Gettysburg, her internship, and previous experience contribute to her effectiveness as a GIS analyst, enabling her to bring a valuable blend of knowledge and hands-on experience to benefit PWGC.

As a Gettysburg College senior Amy was required to complete her senior capstone project which introduced real world situations and how her knowledge of GIS can be applied. Her project utilized GIS to determine optimal habitat for the bird species, the Eastern Meadowlark, within properties that are a part of the Land Conservancy of Adams County in Pennsylvania. To determine these areas, various conditions pertaining to the optimal habitat of the meadowlark were identified. Some parameters for this analysis included the type of crops grown on the property, the height of crops, the distance of meadowlark nests from roads, the number of bird sightings in the area, the abundance, and types of predators in the area. Complex analyses and various statistical programs and GIS were used in tandem to create one deliverable to present to the Land Conservancy and the College.

During the Summer of 2021, Amy had an internship collecting water samples from Suffolk County beaches for the Suffolk County Department of Health Services. This internship emphasized and put into practice the skills of organization, punctuality, and efficiency. Her experience in the field, and practice in data collection and reporting, prepared her for any fieldwork that she would have to do in future positions.

Amy’s previous experience as a GIS Analyst required her to learn a new GIS program and become proficient in it in a short period of time to be productive. This job remotely digitizing satellite images stressed the importance of paying close attention to details and problem-solving. Throughout her time, she came to enjoy the challenge of troubleshooting and learning something new, which would prove be necessary in her current position at PWGC.

Amy is grateful that her senior capstone project began to bridge the gap between her studies and how GIS may be applied in real life situations. Her internship and prior experience cemented her enjoyment of GIS and the challenges that it brings to her daily. Amy enjoys the multiple projects that she works on at PWGC and how different they are. It truly keeps her on her toes and teaches her new skills and how to adapt to the ever evolving landscape of GIS.

Get to Know: Amy Marigliano, GIS AnalystAmy Marigliano, GIS Analyst
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