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The long-awaited reiteration of the solid waste management facility operations Part 360 became effective on July 22, 2023, which addresses groundwater concerns caused by the processing and storage of vegetative organic wastes made public via the 2013 Horseblock Road Investigation. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) now requires all registered and permitted compost and mulch processing facilities located within Nassau and Suffolk Counties to engage in groundwater monitoring programs.

By now, most applicable mulch and compost facilities have likely received notice from NYSDEC regarding the newly implemented regulations and the applicable transition dates. Facilities required to engage in the groundwater monitoring plan must submit a plan that is certified by a professional geologist or engineer by November 19, 2023. Once approved by NYSDEC, the Facility must be installed in accordance with the plan within 60 days.

The groundwater monitoring network will then be sampled on a quarterly basis. NYSDEC will analyze the data provided to determine the future course of action for the facility after one year. Should groundwater monitoring results indicate that facility activities impact groundwater quality, the facility will need to install engineering controls, such as bioswales, retention ponds, and impermeable staging surfaces. If analyte concentrations consistently meet the applicable groundwater standards, the Facility may petition NYSDEC to reduce sampling frequency or adjust the parameters list.

PWGC has a track record of developing and implementing groundwater monitoring plans at brownfield cleanup programs, solid waste management facilities, and even several of Long Island’s unfairly controversial sand mines. PWGC has developed several of these groundwater monitoring plans since the proposed regulations were released in May 2022 and has already received approval from NYSDEC.

With a slew of professionally licensed geologists and engineers on staff, contact PWGC to act as your QEP today!

PWGC Part 360 Team

Matt Merrill, Project Manager

Edmond Kirby, P.E., Senior Engineer

Regina Bykov, P.G., Senior Project Manager

Kris Almskog, P.G., Senior Vice President


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