March 21, 2023 / Industry News, PWGC News

The SPDES MultiSector General Permit GP-0-23-001 was issued effective March 8, 2023.  The new permit has a few minor changes from GP-0-17-004.  In addition, a new Notice of Intent must be filed and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans revised.  Below are the important details:

Notices of Intent (NOI)

  • File online through
  • New NOI form available 4/3/23 and due 6/6/23

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

  • Revise prior to submitting new NOI
  • Address implementation of enhanced stormwater controls measures for facilities that have the potential to be impacted by future physical climate risks, including sea level rise
  • Quarterly Visual Monitoring (QVM) – when corrective actions are triggered (Part IV.E of final GP-0-23-001), an additional QVM inspection must be performed during the next qualifying storm event following the implementation of the corrective action. If a qualifying storm event does not occur until the next quarter, this follow-up action may be used as the next QVM inspection, as well as the current inspection for the corrective action.

The NYSDEC has issued updated versions of forms, including the Quarterly Visual Monitoring form, and revamped the Stormwater Interactive Map.  All of these may be accessed here:

Should you have any questions or would like assistance with preparing and/or submitting materials, please reach out to Maryann Ashworth, PG, CPESC, at 518-335-3636.


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