ONBOARDING: KENNY MCNEILL - P.W. Grosser Consulting, Inc.


March 26, 2024 / PWGC News

The onboarding process for a new hire may seem intimidating and stressful. At PWGC, we try our best to alleviate the stress and make the onboarding process seamless. In our first “Get to Know” blog, we learned about Kenny’s education and how it provided him with a successful path to becoming a GIS staff member at PWGC. Now, we “Get to Know” about Kenny’s onboarding process.

Starting my position at PWGC was a mix of nerves and excitement. Stepping into a professional setting for the first time was intimidating, but I was pleasantly surprised by the supportive atmosphere at PWGC. The staff went out of their way to assure me that they were there to help with anything I needed which instantly put my mind at ease.

Within the first month, I found myself not only fitting into the company culture, but also feeling like I was making meaningful contributions. I began building relationships with the staff and I grew more comfortable asking questions. Understanding my role and responsibilities happened seamlessly, thanks to the helpful guidance from my supervisor and the senior staff.

The 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day check-ins played a crucial role in shaping my initial months. These sessions provided clarity on expectations, allowing me to set goals and receive valuable advice from my supervisor and senior staff. The check-ins assisted in creating a roadmap for my professional growth, highlighting areas for improvement and accomplishments.

Being a GIS Analyst has allowed me to contribute my skills to diverse projects. From drone flights to creating figures for various projects, learning new software, and even getting hands-on experience in the field – every day brings something new. The dynamic nature of my role keeps me engaged and eager to learn.

Looking ahead, my goal is to continue gaining valuable skills as a GIS Analyst. Strengthening relationships with the talented staff and contributing to the overall success of PWGC are aspirations that drive me. I’m excited about the opportunities for growth and the possibility of making a lasting impact in my role.

Kenny McNeill, GIS Analyst

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