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May 31, 2024 / PWGC News

PWGC’s onboarding process is vital in a new hires career since it helps prepare for success in their professional and personal development. We want to ensure that each staff member understands what is expected, how to be successful in their role, and how to prepare for success. The onboarding process follows a certain structure, but takes different paths and steps with each staff member. In this blog, Amy Marigliano details her onboarding process, her 30-60-90 reviews, and how she is preparing to succeed as a GIS Analyst.

My first day at PWGC was exciting, but also nerve wracking. It was my first in-person job since the pandemic. A large portion of my college experience was virtual as well as my previous job, so I didn’t know how I would adjust to the change. The first month was fast-paced and required a lot of time, focus, and dedication to learn what was required of me. My on-boarding experience couldn’t have been better. My supervisor is super helpful and wants me to succeed, as does everyone else at the firm. Any questions I had were answered clearly and quickly. All staff welcomed me and offered their assistance with anything if I needed it.

Each 30-day review highlighted my progress not only in my position, but also my integration and professional relationships I have been forming with PWGC employees. My supervisor and Unit leaders highlighted areas that I could work on to become more successful. I appreciated and valued the constructive criticism and feedback given to me as it will help me to grow in my career. By the 60-day review, I set SMART goals to complete for 2024, such as to obtain the FAA Part 107 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot license and to become more involved in field work being done by other units in the firm. I value the flexibility that PWGC offers to its employees, the opportunities to partake in fieldwork at active projects sites, and to become involved and learn about all types of projects PWGC works on.

My role at PWGC and the exposure to many different projects are helping me determine what I enjoy working on and what I would like to learn more about and become more involved with. I have been working on advancing my GIS skills as well as learning CAD.

Amy has been with PWGC for nearly a year and has already accomplished one of her goals by becoming a licensed FAA Part 107 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot. We cannot wait to see the future successes and accomplishments that come her way.

Prepare for success - Amy Marigliano


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