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June 03, 2024 / PWGC News

Elyssa Masciopinto, Administrative Manager, has been selected as June’s Ride the Wave Award recipient! Read below as Sarah Loprieno, Environmental Planner, May’s Ride the Wave Award recipient details her selection:

“For June’s Ride the Wave Award, I’d like to select Elyssa Masciopinto,” said Sarah. “Elyssa has always been an essential member of the PWGC team, but she has taken on a lot of responsibilities these past few months and continues to be invaluable. In addition, she is so friendly and kind to whomever she encounters.  Thank you for all your hard work – it is extremely appreciated!”

“Thank you, Sarah, for the recognition and thanks to everyone for their kind words! It is a pleasure working with all of you!”

Congratulations Elyssa!

Ride the Wave - June 2024 - Elyssa Masciopinto, Administrative Manager

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