March 03, 2023 / PWGC News

Ride the Wave Award is hanging ten in March since warmer weather is on the way! Ryan Morley, PG, Sr. Project Manager at PWGC, has been selected due to his communication, encouragement and professionalism.

“Ryan, you are a great project manager,” said Melissa, February’s recipient. “You always explain the big picture of a project and/or a particular problem that helps me make better-informed decisions. You always uplift my confidence that helps both of us to succeed. You continue to encourage, support, and trust any ideas I have. So with that said, you unquestionably deserve this recognition to ride the wave.”

“Thank you, Melissa, for this honor,” said Ryan. “Working for PWGC and being surrounded by so many people I respect and look up to is a privilege. I cannot envision a more supportive, dedicated, and knowledgeable group of people to call coworkers.”

Congratulations Ryan!

Check back next month to see who is next up to Ride the Wave!


Ride the Wave Award - March 2023 - Ryan Morley, PG, Sr. Project Manager

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