May 13, 2022 /

Ride the Wave Award’s newest rider is Marty Meriwether, PG, Director, Syracuse Office. Marty’s communication, attention to detail, and professionalism is why Adrian selected him as May’s Ride the Wave Award recipient!

“I would like to pass the nomination for the Ride the Wave Award to an old friend and coworker Marty Meriwether.  One of the first jobs I worked on with Marty was a multi-level well installation listening to Johnny Cash.  Fast forward a bunch of years and Marty guided me around the Brookhaven National Laboratory campus and showed me how to follow standard operating procedures.  Moving forward to more recent times, Marty communicated in a great capacity with regard to detail and overall project objectives during the Building 650 Demolition.  Marty is a dynamic, friendly and professional guy who will ride the wave for the month of May and will continue to grow this client driven solutions juggernaut known as PWGC!  Congrats Marty!”

Marty says, “I’m so appreciative of Adrian’s kind words! It’s no accident that I’ve worked alongside him and other long-time PWGC employees for more than two decades.  Our leadership maintains an environment that not only promotes collaboration and career development, but more importantly for me, fosters the development of long-lasting friendships.  It’s those relationships that make coming to work a true pleasure.  I am very honored to Ride the Wave for the month of May!”

Check back next month to see who is next up to Ride the Wave!

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