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November 07, 2023 / PWGC News

Mike Pecoraro, Project Manager, and Steve Cantillo, Project Manager, are our November Ride the Wave Award recipients due to their mentorship, availability and making work fun!

“Mike and Steve have both taught me so much and provided so much support in my first year here at PWGC,” said Kylie, October’s Ride the Wave Award recipient. “They are both an integral part of how I can pick things up so quickly because they always make themselves available if I have questions about any projects. And their banter in the office has really helped me come out of my shell and feel at home in the PWGC family.”

“Thank you Kylie, for nominating Steve and myself for this month’s Ride the Wave!”, said Mike. “Over the years working at PWGC, and learning alongside Steve, I’ve found that the most important thing in a successful workplace is communication; passing along information with those you work with, keeping in touch with those you don’t see often, and the aforementioned banter. I look forward to working with you both on many future projects!”

“Thank you Kylie, for the nomination and recognition,” said Steve. “I’m truly honored to play a part in PWGC’s story, one that is supportive, encouraging, and remarkably dynamic. I look forward to our continued success, collaboration, and strong team camaraderie.”

Congratulations Mike and Steve!

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