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P.W. Grosser Consulting is a multidisciplinary firm founded in 1990 by Paul W. Grosser, PhD, PE. We provide federal, state, municipal and private clients with quality environmental consulting and engineering services.

Our staff consists of 60+ diverse professionals including civil, chemical and environmental engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists, and environmental scientists. Profiles for our principal executives are listed below.

Paul W Grosser

Paul W. Grosser, PhD, PE; Executive Chairman

Dr. Paul W. Grosser is a recognized authority in the fields of civil, environmental, and geological engineering with extensive knowledge and valuable expertise from over 35 years in the industry. He is responsible for the firm’s business and technical operations and has served as principal on far more than a thousand projects since he founded PWGC in 1990.

Under Dr. Grosser’s guidance and drawing from his expertise, PWGC has established a strong reputation for providing quality environmental consulting and engineering services to private, municipal, and federal clients. His realistic solutions for engineering challenges in the public and private sector provide clients with customized solutions for environmental challenges. His geographical area of expertise is the NY Region, particularly the 5 New York boroughs and Long Island.

Paul is an active member in many national and regionally-based professional societies and has been a major presence in the regional engineering community for more than 30 years. An advocate for best practices in civil engineering, Dr. Grosser is an avid supporter of value engineering and environmentally-oriented business concepts (i.e. Smart Growth, Brownfields). His financial and intellectual contributions play a vital role in local outreach programs, elevating environmentally sound management practices to one of Long Island’s top priorities. In his role as public speaker, he promotes issues such as the importance of information exchange and multi-level collaboration between professionals, businesses and the community.

PW Grosser - Boyce

Paul K. Boyce, PE, PG; CEO/President

An environmental engineering professional for more than 20 years, Mr. Boyce has an impressive portfolio of successful project strategies, designs, management and execution. He is an expert in providing commercial, public, and private clients with targeted analyses, designs, modeling services, investigations, master planning development, construction oversight, and regulatory as well as sustainability consulting. His experience covers a broad spectrum of remediation designs and techniques, such as combining institutional controls and engineered systems to create workable, cost-effective solutions. Mr. Boyce looks beyond the obvious to determine whether new natural techniques will achieve the client’s long-term plans, limit future liability and have the least impact on overall operations. He assists clients with choosing conventional technologies and implementing them for use to their fullest capacity.

Mr. Boyce creates customized structural, mechanical, civil/environmental designs, implementation strategies and ultimately, management plans. His thorough knowledge of regulatory issues and his dedication to sustainable engineering solutions provides clients with invaluable guidance and effective tools to establish, and implement, long-term strategies based on factual data. Mr. Boyce is an expert on all aspects relevant to Geothermal Wells – from the planning stage through system start up and operation. He assists clients with selecting the appropriate system and location, assessing a given system’s feasibility in terms of the client’s objectives, preparing designs in accordance with regulatory requirements, managing the system’s construction, and coordinating its startup.

Mr. Boyce has earned a reputation with clients and within the industry for his vast hands-on experience in assessing feasibility of existing systems and providing financially sound modifications for possible improvements.

PW Grosser - Rhodes

James P. Rhodes, PG; COO

Mr. Rhodes leads PWGC’s Environmental Group. Utilizing his 25 years’ experience, he’s an expert in managing environmental concerns unique to the real estate market for the public and private sector. His tenure permits Jim the ability to provide guidance to his associates and his clients. He has strong working relationships with government regulators at multiple levels of government, which enables clear communication on project requirements and speeds the approval process.

Rhodes’ expertise in the environmental remediation and redevelopment field includes environmental site assessments, such as Phase I/II ESAs, RI/FS VCP studies, cost-to-cure estimates for real estate tax purposes and brownfield remediation. His experience with soil and groundwater investigations, air quality studies and remedial measures has benefited clients that range from attorneys and developers to insurance companies and municipal agencies. His attention to the individual client, resourcefulness and ability to quickly pinpoint key environmental concerns helps avoid unexpected delays and cost overruns.

At PWGC, he coordinates with clients to prepare plans for approval by federal, state, and local agencies, which include quality assurance, sampling, tank closure and corrective action.

PW Grosser - Mazza

Gary Mazza, Senior Vice President

Mr. Mazza brings to the environmental consulting arena hands-on executive experience in relating environmental management to business, administrative, operation, and maintenance processes. Clients looking to streamline business operations with environmental management projects efficiently benefit from his background in the corporate sector.

Mr. Mazza has managed personnel and contract administration, budgeting, cost analysis, outsourcing, and customer relations within a multi-service industry. He specializes in operations and maintenance analysis with the objective to enhance efficiency. With more than 20 years as a Senior Corporate Executive at Allied Aviation Services NY headquarters, he has established an impressive portfolio in corporate operations manuals development, consultancy, recruitment and various other aviation-relevant services.

Mr. Mazza is an expert in aligning environmental engineering project goals and strategies to PWGC clients’ business goals. Moreover, clients can count on Mr. Mazza for real-world, targeted advice based on comprehensive data and analysis to streamline operations successfully.

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