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P.W. Grosser Consulting is a multidisciplinary firm founded in 1990 by Paul W. Grosser, PhD, PE, PG. We provide federal, state, municipal and private clients with quality environmental consulting and engineering services.

Our staff consists of more than 60 diverse professionals including civil, chemical and environmental engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists, and environmental scientists. Profiles for our principal executives are listed below.

Paul W Grosser

Paul W. Grosser, PhD, PE, PG; Executive Chairman

Dr. Grosser is a recognized authority in the fields of civil, environmental, and geological engineering. With more than 40 years of in the industry, he has developed market specific knowledge and experience that he uses to deliver client driven solutions.

Dr. Grosser, who founded PWGC in 1990, is embracing his new role as executive chairman through his networking and client development efforts. He is a primary driver of PWGC’s key development initiatives related to financing, investment, marketing and strategic acquisitions. He guides corporate decision-making, policy development and legal compliance as it relates to firm operations.

PWGC’s industry-recognized reputation for providing quality environmental consulting and engineering services to public and private sectors is the result of his dedication to craft and community. His pragmatic approach towards solving complex engineering challenges provides PWGC’s clients with practical environmental engineering solutions that are resilient and sustainable.

Dr. Grosser’s remains dedicated to the engineering profession, which is illustrated in his altruistic endeavors that include financial and intellectual contributions to local outreach and engineering programs. He believes strongly in the importance of the open exchange of information and multi-level collaboration between engineering professionals and the public and private sectors.

PW Grosser - Boyce

Paul K. Boyce, PE, PG; CEO/President


An environmental engineering professional Mr. Boyce has amassed an impressive portfolio of successful project in the New York Metropolitan region. He is an expert at providing public and private clients with targeted analyses, designs, modeling services, investigations, master planning development, construction oversight, regulatory, and sustainability consulting.

For more than two decades at PWGC, Mr. Boyce has been immersed in some of the most innovative and successful environmental engineering projects on Long Island, playing key roles in developments that have improved the region’s economy and environment. Whether using cutting-edge geothermal technology to assist Amneal Pharmaceuticals in the development of its base of operations in Yaphank or conducting detailed groundwater modeling at Brookhaven National Laboratory, his client expertise covers a wide spectrum of applications including targeted design and analysis, groundwater modeling, environmental investigations, construction oversight, and sustainability consulting.

Overall, Mr. Boyce develops project-specific civil and environmental engineering designs, implementation strategies and project management plans. He is an expert on the design and construction oversight related to the application of geothermal technologies. He assists clients with selecting the appropriate system and location, feasibility assessment, design preparation, system development and startup.

In his tenure at PWGC, Mr. Boyce has earned an industry-recognized reputation for his ability to assess project parameters and design and developing economical environmental engineering solutions that meet the stringent demands of our clients.

PW Grosser - Rhodes

James P. Rhodes, PG; COO

In 2017, James Rhodes was named PWGC’s Chief Operating Officer providing the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the firm has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures and the people in place to grow the organization, ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

Prior to his promotion, Mr. Rhodes led PWGC’s Environmental Unit, where he utilized his 30 years’ experience as an expert in managing environmental concerns unique to the real estate market, serving public and private sectors. Through his tenure he has provided guidance to associates and clients, maintains established working relationships with regulators at multiple levels of government. His expertise enables clear communication on project requirements and speeds the approval process.

Mr. Rhodes’ expertise in environmental remediation and redevelopment fields includes environmental site assessments (ESA), such as Phase I/II ESAs, RI/FS, NYS Brownfield studies, NYC “E” Designation Program, and cost to cure estimates for real estate tax purposes. His experience with soil and groundwater investigations, air quality studies and remedial measures has benefitted clients that include attorneys and developers, insurance companies and municipal agencies. His resourcefulness to pinpoint key environmental concerns quickly helps avoid unexpected delays and cost overruns, benefitting the client.

PW Grosser - Mazza

Gary Mazza; Senior Vice President

Mr. Mazza brings to the environmental consulting arena hands-on executive experience in relating environmental management to business, administrative, operation, and maintenance processes. Clients looking to streamline business operations with environmental management projects efficiently, benefit from his background in the corporate sector.  Mr. Mazza has managed personnel & contract administration, budgeting, cost analysis, outsourcing, and customer relations within a multi-services industry. He specializes in operations & maintenance analysis with the objective to enhance efficiency.

With more than 20 years as a Senior Corporate Executive at Allied Aviation Services NY headquarters, Mr. Mazza has established an impressive portfolio in corporate operations manuals development, consultancy, recruitment and various other aviation-relevant services. He is an expert in aligning environmental engineering project goals and strategies to PWGC clients’ business goals. Moreover, clients can count on Mr. Mazza for real-world, targeted advice based on comprehensive data and analysis to streamline operations successfully.

Andrew Lockwood, PG

Andrew Lockwood, PG; Senior Vice President

Mr. Lockwood specializes in planning and managing CERCLA/NYSDEC remedial investigations/Feasibility Studies, Phase I and Phase II ESAs, Brownfields Cleanup Program (BCP) projects, and nuclear facility decontamination & decommissioning (D&D). He has worked at numerous DOE and DOD facilities in more than a dozen states across the country managing remedial investigation/feasibility study projects involving the generation of radiological, hazardous and mixed waste. They include multi-year projects that involved complex investigations, remediation and waste management issues.  Mr. Lockwood manages PWGCs environmental group, overseeing a staff of more than 30 professionals.

Mr. Lockwood has over 30 years of experience managing environmental investigation and remediation projects including CERCLA RI/FS sites, NYSDEC BCP sites, NYCDEP “E” sites, Municipal Landfill permitting and closure, and environmental investigations for real estate transactions.  Mr. Lockwood’s clients range from large governmental agencies to small real estate developers.  He has performed work across the eastern United States under numerous federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.

Kris Almskog, PG

Kris Almskog, PG; Senior Vice President

Mr. Almskog has more than two decades of project management experience, which includes a strong focus on land use, mine permitting, groundwater quality evaluation, property due diligence, environmental portfolio management, environmental liability services, compliance, dredge permitting, planning and sediment disposal, lake restoration, soil, groundwater and soil vapor investigations and remediations, and C&D facility and vegetative organic recycling facility permitting and quality control.

Mr. Almskog has been providing professional services to Federal facilities, municipalities, the sand and gravel aggregate mining industry, private developers, material recyclers and organic waste recycling industry for over two decades.  He assists clients with permit applications and renewals, reserve analysis and volume calculations, groundwater evaluations, drone modeling, and facility compliance issues to deliver client driven solutions.

Mr. Almskog is a licensed professional geologist and maintains an excellent working knowledge of hydrology and geoscience related to groundwater, soil, and air quality investigations, characterizations, remediation and reporting. He has provided coordination and field oversight for soil and subsurface water characterizations, pesticide investigations and remediation services on diverse environmental studies such as Phase II investigations, geothermal well installations, treatment system installation and dredging projects.

Mr. Almskog assists real estate interests with environmental issues to facilitate transactions and site development. His expertise includes New York State Brownfield Cleanup Programs and New York City’s Office of Environmental Remediation “E” designation zoning requirements. He focuses on soil and groundwater investigations, air quality studies, and associated remedial measures. He coordinates with PWGC clients to prepare and implement time and money saving plans – Remedial Action Plans, Health and Safety Plans, Work Plans, Interim Remedial Measures.

Mr. Almskog’s construction background, including 15 major groundwater treatment system construction projects, large scale redevelopment projects for Northwell Health, numerous redevelopment projects with remedial requirements, and numerous dredging and mining operations, enables an understanding of combining design planning with real world implementation.  He focusses on both short-term scheduling deadlines and long term strategic planning for his clients and their industries.

Charles Bartha, PE

Charles Bartha, PE; Senior Vice President

Mr. Bartha has 49 years of experience in civil engineering and has extensive experience in the construction reconstruction and renovation of public infrastructure, including highways, bridges, buildings, and wastewater collection and treatment facilities. At PWGC he directs our engineering division, which includes all aspects of wastewater collection and treatment for both public and private clients. Mr. Bartha oversees geothermal heating and cooling studies, well design and drilling, civil site projects, and resiliency improvement efforts.

As a former Commissioner of the Suffolk County Department of Public Works, Mr. Bartha was responsible for all aspects of a 925-person multi-faceted engineering, architectural and operating department with a $225 million annual operating budget and a typical annual capital budget of $100 million. Mr. Bartha’s operational and maintenance responsibilities included more than 5 million square feet of buildings, 21 wastewater treatment plants, 75 wastewater pumping stations, 1,300 miles of sanitary sewers, 425 miles of roads and 70 bridges.

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