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PWGC has an extensive resume of successful projects in all areas of civil, environmental, municipal, hydrogeological, sustainability and fueling-related planning and design. While we maintain a strong local presence throughout the New York Metropolitan Area, PWGC also has clients spanning the entire United States.

All Projects
Underground Injection Control Structure Cleaning & UST Closure
PWGC investigated the petroleum impact and associated anomalies at an underground storage site before closing the UST.
Dutch Broadway Tank Closure
We provided UST investigation, remediation and closure services at four adjacent property lots.
GTJ Tank Upgrade & Remediation Management
We excavated contaminated soil and upgraded a series of petroleum storage facilities and fueling systems to improve leak detection and spill protection.
Post-Dredging Ecological Assessment for Upper Lake
After the Upper Lake was dredged to remove invasive species, we conducted an ecological study to measure the dredging's effectiveness
Carbon Footprint Analysis for Roanoke Sand and Gravel
We prepared a carbon footprint assessment that can be used as a baseline for comparison against future greenhouse gas-emitting activities
Hydrogeological Assessment for Huntington Ready Mix Concrete, Inc.
We performed a hydrogeologic assessment as part of an application to modify a Mined Land Reclamation Law permit.
Air Emissions Inventory for Adelphi University
We performed an assessment and "tune-up" to ensure that the campus was compliant with new air emissions standards for hazardous pollutants.
Cooling Tower Inspection & Legionella Policy for Stony Brook University
Development of a campus-wide environmental policy for legionella control; inspection of campus cooling towers and condensers
Residential Drinking Water Treatment Design & Oversight for Suffolk County Dept. Health Services
We designed and installed treatment systems for private water wells with high levels of the pollutants PFOA and PFOS.
BNL Tritium Plume Engineering Design
BNL engaged us to evaluate alternatives for remediation of a tritium plume, and to design and construct an urgently needed groundwater remediation system.
Neptune Regional Transmission System Compliance Management
PWGC provided independent oversight, inspection and auditing for the construction of this environmentally sensitive project
Coram Materials Corp. Engineering & Hydrogeologic Assessment
A full engineering/hydrogeologic assessment determined the impact of the site's mining operations on groundwater quality.
Weeksville Heritage Center Geothermal Center
Closed-loop geothermal heating/cooling system designed for the restoration of a cluster of historic properties in BedStuy
Geothermal System for St. Patrick’s Cathedral
We designed a state-of-the-art geothermal heating and cooling system—the largest system of its kind to date—for the renovation of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC
Glen Cove Creek Waterfront Redevelopment
We were retained to make recommendations based on a thorough review of historic environmental documents associated with numerous parcels along the waterfront
Meschutt Beach Wastewater Upgrade
An upgraded sewage disposal system reduced the amount of nitrogen entering Peconic Bay by 65%.
Lake Ronkonkoma Wastewater Upgrade
PWGC designed an innovative on-site wastewater treatment system to upgrade the sewage system at Lake Ronkonkoma County Park
Canaan Lake Invasive Species Remediation
We evaluated ways to successfully eradicate/minimize invasive aquatic species in Canaan Lake to allow for additional recreational activities.
Dewatering of Franklin Hospital North Wing
We were hired to find a permanent solution to recurrent flooding in a subterranean wing of a Northwell Health hospital
BNL Stormwater Drainage Analysis
PWGC conducted hydraulic modeling and an associated evaluation of a portion of BNL's stormwater drainage system.
Southside Hospital Drainage Infrastructure Consulting & Engineering
After a historic storm delivered 13.57 inches of rain within 24 hours, PWGC evaluated the hospital's drainage infrastructure.
Management Program for Suffolk County Class V Injection Wells
Our goal with this project was to develop a program to properly manage Class V injection wells owned by Suffolk County.
Oyster Bay Property Assessment
Environmental concerns necessitated a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on a small parcel in an industrial area of Oyster Bay before the property could be redeveloped.
Pre-Acquisition Support for GTJ Realty
PWGC conducted a Phase I environmental site assessment to determine if any Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) were present.
Due Diligence Consulting for Glen Cove Waterfront Redevelopment
PWGC was retained to analyze historic environmental documents associated with various parcels located along the Glen Cove Creek.
Phase I & II Due Diligence Assessments for GTJ Realty
GTJ Realty contracted PWGC to perform Environmental Site Assessments for acquisition and/or financing purposes.
BNL Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade
PWGC worked closely with BNL to upgrade their sewage treatment plant in order to reduce concentrations of metals discharged into the Peconic River.
Islip Sewer Feasibility Study
The Town of Islip commissioned PWGC to find balanced, responsible strategies that can improve the quality of the groundwater and the surface water bodies in the vicinity.
Sag Harbor/Peconic Estuary Sewage Treatment Compliance
PWGC supported the Sag Harbor Sewage Treatment Plant to ensure compliance with their Total Maximum Daily Load for the Peconic Estuary.
Arverne Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
PWGC prepared Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) for the proposed redevelopment of approximately 117-acres of the western portion of the Arverne Urban Renewal Area.
Arverne-by-the-Sea Phase II ESA Management
PWGC conducted a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to evaluate potential environmental concerns identified in the Phase I ESA.
Hydrogeologic Consulting for Brookhaven National Lab (BNL)
PWGC was retained for various projects in support of BNL's Environmental Directorate Management Groundwater Restoration and Protection program.
Condemned Property Assessment
The Village of Lindenhurst was interested in condemning a parcel of property as part of a future redevelopment project for a court house.
West Islip Community-Wide Drainage
The Town of Islip commissioned PWGC to create drainage systems to eliminate excess storm water and prevent flooding
Geothermal Upgrades for Northwell Health
We designed and implemented upgrades to the campus-scale geothermal systems at Glen Cove Hospital
Engineering Services for Northwell Health
A varied project that included Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments, exploratory excavation, and indoor air sampling services at various sites
Skid Fuel System for Allied Aviation
We oversaw the installation of a new AVGAS AST system for Allied Aviation
STV/SCA Lead Testing
Comprehensive sampling/lead testing program for Suffolk County school districts
Brooklyn REDCOM Site Engineering
Comprehensive site design/engineering project for a proposed Chevy dealership in Brooklyn
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