BNL Tritium Plume Engineering Design
BNL engaged us to evaluate alternatives for remediation of a tritium plume, and to design and construct an urgently needed groundwater remediation system.

PWGC was contracted by Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) to evaluate alternatives for remediation of a tritium plume, including capital and operating cost projections. PWGC engineers also designed and provided construction oversight of the start-up of a groundwater remediation system on an urgent basis.

Construction on the tritium remediation project was completed ahead of schedule, within budget without change orders. The system start-up was successful and continues to operate.

Services: Mapping with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Decommissioning Support Services, Wastewater & Water Resources, Waste Management
Industry: Industrial

PWGC researched waste disposal issues and designed a liquid phase granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment system to treat water from a tritium plume which overlaps a solvent plume. PWGC’s used computer modeling to size and predict the performance of treatment systems which enabled high quality, detailed designs to be completed within the client’s tight deadlines. The use of Geographic Information System (GIS) data minimized duplication of previous work and maximized use of data.

Cost effective technologies allowed thorough and rapid communication with the client including electronic transfer of documents and review of design calculations, plans, and specifications. The design included treatment system mechanical design, structural and electrical systems, as well as piping and related site work. The final design included a liquid phase granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment unit and necessary items for a reliable installation. The design and bid solicitation was performed on a rush basis and took only five days from inception to contract award. Additional services included design of extraction wells and mechanical systems, coordination of water main and electrical design contracts, and construction assistance.

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Sample Projects
Cooling Tower Inspection & Legionella Policy for Stony Brook University
Development of a campus-wide environmental policy for legionella control; inspection of campus cooling towers and condensers
Residential Drinking Water Treatment Design & Oversight for Suffolk County Dept. Health Services
We designed and installed treatment systems for private water wells with high levels of the pollutants PFOA and PFOS.
Neptune Regional Transmission System Compliance Management
PWGC provided independent oversight, inspection and auditing for the construction of this environmentally sensitive project

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