Due Diligence Consulting for Glen Cove Waterfront Redevelopment

PWGC was retained to analyze historic environmental documents associated with various parcels located along the Glen Cove Creek.

As part of the Glen Cove waterfront redevelopment project, PWGC was retained to perform a thorough review of historic environmental documents associated with numerous parcels located along the Glen Cove Creek. The proposed redevelopment area is comprised of numerous former industrial properties, many of which are USEPA or NYSDEC Superfund Sites.

PWGC reviewed historic environmental reports regarding environmental investigations and remedial activities conducted throughout the area and identified potential data gaps and issues that could be encountered during the redevelopment activities related to impacted soils, groundwater and regulatory concerns

PWGC provided recommendations for additional investigation activities with costs estimates that could be implemented before development activities commence to assist in expediting construction activities and the regulatory review process.

In addition, PWGC worked closely with regulatory agencies (USEPA, NYSDEC, NYSDOH, City of Glen Cove, Army Corp of Engineers) to develop deed restrictions on the properties in order to enable the properties to be redeveloped for residential use.

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Glen Cove Creek Waterfront Redevelopment
We were retained to make recommendations based on a thorough review of historic environmental documents associated with numerous parcels along the waterfront
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