Lake Ronkonkoma Wastewater Upgrade
PWGC designed an innovative on-site wastewater treatment system to upgrade the sewage system at Lake Ronkonkoma County Park

PWGC was selected by Suffolk County’s Department to provide professional engineering services to design an innovative on-site wastewater treatment system to replace the existing outdated sewage disposal systems at Lake Ronkonkoma County Park.

As part of the project the positive use of grey water will be evaluated to determine its viability. PWGC will review the park site with representatives of Suffolk County Parks, Public Works and Health Services to determine the best location for the proposed system. Once the preferred location is established, PWGC will develop the engineering report, design plans and specifications for the proposed wastewater treatment system approved for use.

Services: Wastewater & Water Resources
Industry: Government & Municipal



  1. Perform a field investigation to evaluate the existing conditions.
  2. Prepare an engineering report and design plans for the wastewater treatment system for SCDHS submission.
  3. Address SCDHS comments and revise the drawings as required to obtain an approved treatment system.
  4. Prepare applications for letters of non-jurisdiction from NYSDEC.
  5. Prepare technical specifications and budget estimates for the project.
  6. Obtain sediment samples from the existing sewage disposal structures for analysis for abandonment in accordance with SCDHS regulations.



  1. Prepare design documents to be disseminated to contractors.
  2. Prepare proposal pages and a scope of work for obtaining contractor pricing.
  3. Answer contractor questions and issued addendums.
  4. Attend bid opening.



  1. Answer contractor questions.
  2. Review shop drawing submittals.
  3. Perform construction inspections
  4. Prepare as-built plans and engineering certifications
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