Oyster Bay Property Assessment
Environmental concerns necessitated a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on a small parcel in an industrial area of Oyster Bay before the property could be redeveloped.

This project entailed a Phase I (ESA) of a 3.5-acre parcel located in a predominantly commercial / industrial area.

The subject site was previously a portion of a larger lot which was operated as an electronics manufacturer. Based upon this past use, the site as a whole was identified as a RCRA generator, had onsite chemical storage, and had several New York State Department of Environmental Conservation spill numbers which were associated to it.  At the time of the inspection, the property was vacant and in the process of being developed as a parking area.  The Phase I was conducted as part of a potential real estate transaction between the property owner and the Town of Oyster Bay.  The Town intended to purchase the property and develop it as athletic fields.

Services: Redevelopment & Brownfields, Environmental Compliance & Management
Industry: Government & Municipal, Real Estate


PWGC was tasked with:
• Conducting the investigation in accordance with the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) standard E 1527-05
• Identifying the presence of recognized environmental conditions and provide recommendations which would be relevant to the sites intended use.

PWGC’s assessment included 1) visual onsite inspection, 2) interviews, 3) research and reviews of the site and facilities, and regulatory records (federal, state, and local), 4) analysis of aerial photos.

PWGC’s review of the site revealed that most of the subject site had historically been used as a parking area. PWGC did identify that historically, underground storage tanks had been present at the site as well as a chemical storage area. Following a review of available historic environmental documents, PWGC determined that each of the identified historic concerns had been properly addressed, and therefore no Phase II assessment of the property was recommended. Based upon PWGC’s Phase I, PWGC was able to report to the Town of Oyster Bay that there were no observed environmental concerns which would impact their planned use of the property.

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