Management Program for Suffolk County Class V Injection Wells

Our goal with this project was to develop a program to properly manage Class V injection wells owned by Suffolk County.

Suffolk County Government owns and operates several hundred properties, including over 250 sizable buildings, 420 miles of roads, 21 sewer districts, commercial offices, firefighting training facilities, a 6,000 seat baseball stadium, laboratories, power plants, golf courses, police stations, etc.

The goal of this project was to develop a program to properly manage all federally regulated Class V injection wells owned by Suffolk County. (Storm water drainage wells associated with county roads were excluded, as they are being addressed under a different project.) In order to comply with the United States Department of Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Underground Injection Control (UIC) regulations, Suffolk County needs to register such structures with the EPA.

As a result of this investigation, PWGC identified numerous structures which will require further investigation, remediation, and upgrades to comply with USEPA regulations.

PWGC’s role was to conduct the following tasks:

  • Review of available site drawings / plans for County owned properties.
  • Field inspection to identify and locate UIC structures at County properties.
  • Utilize GPS to document UIC structure locations. Collected data to be incorporated into a database utilizing GIS.
  • Identify UIC structures which are in need of repair, violate EPA regulations, or pose a potential environmental concern (threat to groundwater).
  • Prepare a written report with recommendations, budgets, and priority listings for those wells requiring a permit and or repairs or upgrading.
  • Prepare EPA inventory reports (EPA Form 7520-016).

The list of properties covered by this project included approximately 350.

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