Residential Drinking Water Treatment Design & Oversight for Suffolk County Dept. Health Services

We designed and installed treatment systems for private water wells with high levels of the pollutants PFOA and PFOS.

PWGC designed and oversaw the installation of point-of-entry treatment (POET) systems for residential units that have private drinking water wells with sample results greater than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) health advisory level (70 parts per trillion) for PFOA and PFOS at individual or combined concentrations.

PWGC prepared an engineering report for approval by the SCDHS and NYSDEC. The design included dual carbon vessels, prefilter, UV disinfection system, and associated gauges and sampling ports. PWGC performed startup testing and reporting to ensure systems were operating as designed. PWGC is performing the ongoing operation and maintenance of the systems with includes periodic sampling, carbon changeout, pre-filter replacement and UV system maintenance.

PWGC prepares periodic monitoring reports and submits them to the property owners and regulatory agencies.

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Sample Projects
Post-Dredging Ecological Assessment for Upper Lake
After the Upper Lake was dredged to remove invasive species, we conducted an ecological study to measure the dredging's effectiveness
Cooling Tower Inspection & Legionella Policy for Stony Brook University
Development of a campus-wide environmental policy for legionella control; inspection of campus cooling towers and condensers
BNL Tritium Plume Engineering Design
BNL engaged us to evaluate alternatives for remediation of a tritium plume, and to design and construct an urgently needed groundwater remediation system.
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