West Islip Community-Wide Drainage
The Town of Islip commissioned PWGC to create drainage systems to eliminate excess storm water and prevent flooding

The Town of Islip commissioned PWGC to rid the area of excess storm water via drainage systems while preventing those same systems from acting as a conduit for storm surges, and improving natural drainage conduits (e.g., streams and creeks) to limit—and prevent where possible—flooding that can limit access and damage public and private property.

Services: Wastewater & Water Resources
Industry: Government & Municipal


In review of the proposed scope of work, PWGC tackled key project issues, including:

  • Flooding south of Montauk Highway
  • Storm water that flooded creek systems in the hamlet
  • A undersized and under designed subsurface drainage system
  • Assisting the Town of Islip with CDBG application from HUD
  • Assistance with federal and state regulatory compliance
  • Identifying drainage system vulnerabilities and designing improvements to eliminate identified vulnerabilities
  • Construction monitoring and inspection services

On behalf of the Town, the PWGC Team managed and coordinated a range of preliminary services, including the scheduling of meetings with community stake holders, providing summary and analysis of existing data, the identification of potential issues, preparation of cost estimates for implementation and maintenance plans related to improving the drainage issues currently being experienced in the Hamlet of West Islip.

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