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Aerial Imagery & Modeling

Safer, Quieter & More Efficient Data Collection

Drone usage allows for a quick overview and/or investigation of your site that will save your company time and money, letting your staff focus on core competencies while providing a more comprehensive and actionable deliverable for your needs.

PWGC maintains a team of licensed and insured drone pilots that can evaluate the topography of your site in a fraction of the time of conventional methods. Aerial imaging and modeling help with remote sensing, site inspections and monitoring, and regulatory compliance.

PWGC’s imagery can also uncover underutilized technical, marketing and advertisement avenues for your company.

Remote Sensing


  • Elevation contours
  • Volume calculations (stockpiles, cut + fill)
  • 3-D renderings and site models
  • Point cloud models of structures to evaluate integrity

LiDAR 3-D mapping
Orthomosaic site models and imagery
NDVI orthomosaic models for agriculture to evaluate:

  • Overall plant health
  • Indicate zones of concern
  • Watering/fertilizer needs
  • Weeds and Insect damage
  • Potential disease

Site Inspections and Monitoring

Insurance claims assessments

  • Storm damage
  • Property damage

Solar Farm panel inspections
Wind park functionality and maintenance evaluations
Powerline inspections

  • Line loss
  • Vegetation encroachment
  • Structural integrity
    • Poles
    • Wires (sagging, insulation)

Industrial park overviews for site safety and potential hazard evaluation
Oil/gas line evaluation for structural integrity and potential leaks investigations
Structure assessments and monitoring
Change modeling

  • Deforestation (Industry, Pests, Disease)
  • Erosion
  • Post storm shoreline evaluation (breaches, damage to infrastructure and properties)
  • Bathymetric modeling
  • Sand Migration
  • Seasonal changes
  • Plant and Wildlife preservation and conservation
    • IR imagery for wildlife populations and migration
    • Near-IR for invasive plants populations and migration

Construction developments (Follow progress across all phases of work)

  • Building progress
  • Façade evaluation
  • Interior reconstruction
  • Roof assessments
  • Dredging operations

Regulatory Compliance

Part 360 Operational Compliance

  • Run-off control and handling
  • Stockpile calculations
    • Accurate evaluation of remaining materials
    • Ensure proper sloping of stock-piles and excavation
    • Berm locations and size
    • Potential for additional income and maximize profits
    • Additional locations for excavation operations
    • Optimize site layout of stock-piles and traffic patterns
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Industry Updates

PWGC provides occasional industry-tailored newsletters to help you stay updated on ever-changing environmental rules, regulations, and pertinent news. Industry newsletters are published seasonally and as needed.