Tank Management

PWGC has developed a comprehensive storage tank management program for underground storage tanks (UST) and above-ground storage tanks (AST) systems. We have extensive tank experience associated with heating oil, gasoline with MTBE, diesel, kerosene, waste oil, aviation fuels, motor oil and chemicals.

Our program easily provides for:

  • Regulatory compliance (NYSDEC PBS & CBS; SPCC Plans, Facility Response Plans, Spill Prevention Reports)
  • Early leak detection
  • Minimization of contamination
  • Protection of property value
  • Prioritization of spending
  • Assessment of tank facilities prior to purchase, removal, or abandonment
  • Investigations for petroleum-contaminated soils and groundwater
  • Remediation of soils and groundwater, including design and installation of remedial systems

PWGC’s knowledge of current and proposed regulations and guidance, technology, and industry codes, standards, and practices facilitates compliance in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Featured UST/AST Services

  • Regulatory Compliance, Inspection, and Reporting
  • Upgrade or Retrofit of Existing Tanks Using Appropriate Technologies
  • Installation of State-of-the-Art Testing Equipment
  • Corrosion Analysis and Installation of Corrosion Protection Devices
  • Tank Testing
  • Leak Detection Compliance Support
  • Storage Tank Closures (Removal or Abandonment-in-Place) including Soil Sampling and Analysis
  • Education and Training
  • Hydrogeologic Investigation
  • Petroleum Hydrocarbon Remediation
  • Off-Site Treatment and Disposal of Contaminated Soil
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Sample Projects
Underground Injection Control Structure Cleaning & UST Closure
PWGC investigated the petroleum impact and associated anomalies at an underground storage site before closing the UST.
Dutch Broadway Tank Closure
We provided UST investigation, remediation and closure services at four adjacent property lots.
GTJ Tank Upgrade & Remediation Management
We excavated contaminated soil and upgraded a series of petroleum storage facilities and fueling systems to improve leak detection and spill protection.
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Industry Updates

PWGC provides occasional industry-tailored newsletters to help you stay updated on ever-changing environmental rules, regulations, and pertinent news. Industry newsletters are published seasonally and as needed.