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Redevelopment & Brownfields

Our investigative and remedial approach incorporates the latest technologies and protocols consistent with local, state and federal guidelines, while always having the end-use of the property and the development schedule in mind.

We’ve been providing services related to the environmental restoration of impacted sites to diverse clientele for over 20 years, and we’re considered one of the premier brownfield consulting companies on Long Island. Our vast experience helps us actively develop innovative ways to streamline the BCP process to accommodate the fast-paced schedule of most developers. Our clients range from the single land owner to large private developers and conglomerates, municipalities, and industrial clients.


redevelopment at Brownfields

Relevant Services

To restore properties to effective use, we’ve developed a full compliment of technical services that include:

  • Site Assessments and Phase I & II ESAs
  • Accelerated Site Characterizations
  • Development of Remedial Programs
  • Preparation of Risk-Based Remedial Plans and Site Closures
  • Development of Specifications for Detailed Remedial Design
  • Incorporating Engineering Controls into Redevelopment Plans
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Sample Projects
Glen Cove Creek Waterfront Redevelopment
We were retained to make recommendations based on a thorough review of historic environmental documents associated with numerous parcels along the waterfront
Management Program for Suffolk County Class V Injection Wells
Our goal with this project was to develop a program to properly manage Class V injection wells owned by Suffolk County.
Oyster Bay Property Assessment
Environmental concerns necessitated a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on a small parcel in an industrial area of Oyster Bay before the property could be redeveloped.
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