Executive Profile: Paul Boyce

January 28, 2019 / Industry News, PWGC News

Long Island Business News (LIBN) recently interviewed our President/CEO, Paul K. Boyce, PE, PG, for an executive profile on our recent re-brand, our transition to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), and all things PWGC. A brief excerpt from the interview:

“It’s a new era for P.W. Grosser Consulting. With headquarters in Bohemia, the environmental and engineering firm is now under an employee-ownership model, and recently reset its branding to reflect that change. Paul Boyce spoke with LIBN about some of the firms’ big projects, the changing climate and workforce training.

When did your firm transition to the employee-ownership model?

Over three years ago.

For those not familiar with this model, is there a waiting period for new employees at your firm?

Once you’re in, you’re part of the ESOP [employee stock ownership plan]. And when you leave, you get your stake in the game … The longer you’re here, and the more you’re making, the more value there is to the individual.

What kind of growth has the firm seen over the years?

The firm started in 1990. I joined in 1993. We’ve had rapid growth, slow growth with contraction [in the recession], and it’s picked back up again. It’s been slow and steady progressive growth with setbacks. Long term, it’s sort of like the stock market, going up.

What are some of your firm’s big projects that people might recognize?

St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue in New York City. We did the geothermal system and won national awards for it. We drilled wells as deep as 2,200 feet to cool and heat the cathedral.”

To read more on LIBN’s executive profile on Paul K. Boyce, PE, PG, please click here. (LIBN, 2019)

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