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Happy November! Believe it or not, there are only two months left in this crazy year. May the joy of the holiday season approaching bring us a breath of fresh air, as we slide into the New Year.

By way of introduction, my name is Nick Russell. I work as a Project Hydrogeologist for PWGC. My role at PWGC covers a wide range of sampling and consulting, but with my five (5) years of experience, I have mainly been focusing my career in the world of Industrial Hygiene.

Industrial Hygiene Spotlight - Nick RussellNick Russell, Project Hydrogeologist

As the colder weather approaches, and we start spending more time indoors, indoor air quality should be something we are all considering. Having recently moved into an apartment in a 100 year old building myself, air quality relating to potential mold has been an issue on my mind.

Industrial Hygiene Spotlight - Apartment

While molds are a part of the natural environment outdoors, we should make sure we are doing what we can to avoid mold growth indoors. Molds are not typically a problem until spores land on damp or wet areas and begin to grow. In this situation, molds can produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances called mycotoxins.

When coming across mold in the home, many homeowners purchase home sampling kits to identify the type of mold, and clean the visual mold contamination themselves. While this may be less costly than hiring a professional mold inspector, in many cases the homeowner does not collect samples from all locations that the mold is potentially growing. Hiring a professional mold assessor helps to assure that current guidelines and practices for testing the mold that can be hiding in your walls, attic, or basement are being followed. Knowing that mold does naturally occur in our environment, it can be tricky to determine when indoor levels of mold are exceeding normal levels, and can be dangerous. This is one of the many areas that we can take that worry away from you and place in the hands of knowledgeable and trusting team members.

When it comes to mold intrusion and other indoor air quality issues, my team and I at PWGC have the knowledge and skills necessary to help bring you peace of mind this winter season.

Be well!



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