August 22, 2022 / PWGC News

Ride the Wave Award took a month off but is back with not one, but two riders! Ashley Monti, GIT, Field Hydrogeologist, and Kylie McClay, Field Hydrogeologist, have been selected for August. Ashley’s and Kylie’s enthusiasm to take on new and challenging tasks, willingness to put in the extra effort, and dedication to PWGC are why they are August’s Ride the Wave Award recipient!

“I am glad to be able to pass the Wave onto Ashley Monti and Kylie McClay. They are enthusiastic employees always willing to take on new, challenging tasks as well as doing what needs to be done. They recently cleaned out an office in preparation for painting while also working a full work week. This sort of dedication and willingness to make the extra effort is what will continue to make PWGC successful. Congratulations Ashley and Kylie! Keep up the good work,” said Maryann.

“Thank you, Maryann, for the recognition and passing along the Ride to Wave to Kylie and I,” Ashley said. “I am thankful for the opportunities PWGC has provided me and for the people who have guided me through the last year and a half– it has truly been rewarding. Looking forward to the continued success of the firm and the brilliant people that make up PWGC!”

Kylie said, “I am honored to have been recognized by Maryann for my contribution to the project. In this short time with PWGC, I have learned so much about the work we do and have truly felt welcome with open arms. I am more and more grateful for every opportunity given for me to grow with the company and am looking forward to all the fun things I will be doing for years to come!”

Check back next month to see who is next up to Ride the Wave!

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