July 06, 2023 / PWGC News

Danielle Dulligan, Field Hydrogeologist, is July’s Ride the Wave Award recipient! Kristen, June’s recipient, selected Danielle due to her dedication, positive attitude, work ethic and professionalism.

“I’ve had the chance to work with Danielle on-site when I visit for engineering inspections. She’s full of positive energy whenever I see her and always looking to help and learn whenever she can. She seems to be handling the site very well in making sure that she’s aware of what is going on with daily construction activities and keeping communication open with those on-site and in the office. I really admire her great attitude and dedicated work ethic. It’s been great being able to work alongside her!”

“Thank you, Kristen and the rest of my PWGC co-workers, for the kind words!,” said Danielle. “I am very thankful to be chosen for the Ride the Wave Award. My time here at PWGC thus far has shown me how meaningful it is to work with such intelligent, friendly and hardworking individuals. Everyone I have had the honor to work with has been such a great experience where I have learned valuable skills and techniques. I can’t wait to continue growing with this company and making a positive impact on the environment!”

Congratulations Danielle!

Danielle Dulligan, Field Hydrogeologist, is July's Ride the Wave Award Recipient. Image of Danielle Dulligan with ocean waves and fireworks in background.

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