Neptune Regional Transmission System Compliance Management

PWGC provided independent oversight, inspection and auditing for the construction of this environmentally sensitive project

Neptune Regional Transmission System is a 65-mile long, over and undersea and underground High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) system that features a cable that runs from Sayreville, NJ to New Cassel, NY. It carries 660 megawatts (MW) of energy, which is enough to meet the electricity demands of about 600,000 average-sized homes.

Following an extensive permitting process, PWGC provided various levels of personnel, from Principal through field/ environmental scientists, to provide independent oversight services throughout the construction of this environmentally sensitive project. Specifically, PWGC was responsible for review of project work plans, specifications, stipulations and interagency agreements to provide independent oversight and auditing services to the contractors performing the cable and sub-station construction. PWGC performed independent inspections and auditing of the construction activities pertaining to the many environmentally sensitive areas along the entire Wantagh State Parkway. This included Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan inspection for trenching, horizontal drilling activities, sub-station construction site (built on a former landfill), health and safety compliance, and NYSDOT traffic safety controls. PWGC ensured that any deficiencies were addressed immediately by the hundreds of contractors performing constructions services along the 13-mile stretch of roadway.

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Although PWGC reported to the NYS Public Service Commission, we worked seamlessly various contractors to ensure that the site was brought into compliance immediately to minimize potential environmental and health and safety concerns.

Attention was required during horizontal drilling activities that bored beneath water bodies and bridges in environmentally sensitive areas and during construction of the power sub-station that was built above an abandoned landfill. PWGC worked closely with the various constructions and drilling contractors to ensure that best management practices were being rigorously followed and that potential threats to the nearby wetlands were minimized by ensuring use of non-toxic drilling fluids and the installation of silt fences and swales.

PWGC effectively worked as an integral team member during this highly visible, environmentally sensitive $600 million aggressive construction project to ensure that it was completed in accordance with the approved plans, specifications, applicable permits, approvals, and interagency agreements. As a result of cooperative working early on in the project to address potential deficiencies, the contractor was able to complete the project ahead of schedule. The cable and sub-station were activated in time for the summer peak load period.

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