Sag Harbor/Peconic Estuary Sewage Treatment Compliance

PWGC supported the Sag Harbor Sewage Treatment Plant to ensure compliance with their Total Maximum Daily Load for the Peconic Estuary.

Environmental consulting and engineering services tailored to the Village of Sag Harbor (Village) sewage treatment plant (STP) operations and maintenance to ensure compliance with their SPDES permit and Total Maximum Daily Load for the Peconic Estuary.


  • PWGC conducted a comprehensive site evaluation and STP study. Currently, PWGC provides on-call, troubleshooting, and scheduled assistance for STP operations, administration, and equipment.
  • PWGC attended Village Board Meetings and meets with regulatory agencies to update, communicate, and discuss STP status and relevant issues.
  • PWGC support has included bringing Village in compliance with Stormwater Pollution Regulations, and assess the potential to add boat waste to the on-site STP (currently disposed of outside the village, at the public STP).

For the initial evaluation and operational study, PWGC visited and inspected the plant with the plant operators to assess operational processes, spare parts, and equipment.

PWGC further conducted a review of STP operations, including:

  • Operating procedures and records
  • Daily monitoring reports (DMR)
  • Operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals and related records
  • Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) inspection reports

Currently, PWGC conducts monthly plant visits to complete, sign off on, and submit DMRs to NYSDEC for SPDES Permit Compliance.

In addition, PWGC meets with plant operators to discuss and assist with ongoing work activities, operations, status of plant equipment, parts and chemical storage; operational problems and difficulties; SCDHS and NYSDEC inspections and regulations; and effluent quality for the past month.

When needed, PWGC provides the Village with design and engineering services for the STP plant such as upgrades, including retrofits and modifications; engineering reports, studies, plans, and specifications; permits preparation; construction oversight and administrative services; and modifications to its SPDES permit when appropriate.

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