September 12, 2022 / PWGC News

Ride the Wave Award has found its September rider! Patricia Yelner, Controller, has been selected due to her wealth of knowledge, approachability, and ability to explain and break down the accounting process.

“We would like to pass the Ride the Wave award to Patricia Yelner, “said Ashley and Kylie. “She has been an incredible help with invoicing and billing each month. She has taken the time to correct and explain the accounting process in a way that is constructive. She is an approachable figure with a wealth of knowledge whose advice is invaluable and very much appreciated. While financials might be a secondary thought to our projects, Patricia has made it a not-so-scary part of project management.”

“Thank you, Ashley and Kylie, for passing the Ride the Wave award to me for the month of September; it is greatly appreciated,” said Patricia. “One of the many things that I love about working for PWGC is having the opportunity to work with young professionals as they move forward with their careers. As I share my knowledge on project accounting with the technical staff at PWGC I learn new things from them as well. PWGC truly is a collaborative environment where lifelong learning is encouraged and everyone is willing to help each other to reach their personal goals as well as contribute to the success of the firm overall.”

Check back next month to see who is next up to Ride the Wave!

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