Lower Lake Restoration in Yaphank
August 24, 2018 / PWGC Projects

The first weir boards were removed from Lower Lake in Yaphank on August 20th to begin the process remediating and removing the invasive aquatic species that have been choking-off the lake for the past several decades. Due to a dense mat of watermilfoil and fanwort throughout the lake, public access for recreational swimming, boating and fishing have been halted and viable wildlife habitat has been severely limited. Once drained and dried, the exposed lake bottom will be scrapped and excavated by the Town of Brookhaven to remove invasive aquatic species and much of the soft sediments that have accumulated from run-off during the past several hundred years. These nutrient laden soft sediments allow the aquatic invasive species to easily take root and thrive, thereby choking-out native plants and severely restricting the habitat for wildlife.

Aquatic invasive species, blue-green algae, and other nutrient loading issues have had serious negative effects on Long Island lakes over the past several decades. As nutrients into the lakes increase from surface run-off and groundwater flow, the problem has severely impacted the health of these lakes in addition to the visual, recreational and economic disturbance they have created. In some cases the impact to the lake also becomes harmful to people, pets and livestock.

PWGC has experience in working with private and municipal agencies to evaluate the health of waterbodies, determine what is causing degradation of lakes, evaluating lake levels and groundwater elevation trends, and presenting feasible alternatives to improve the lake quality. We work closely with NYSDEC to discuss and develop viable options for remediating lakes, then we prepare and implement sampling plans and required state and local permits.

If you would like to discuss concerns or options regarding troubled waterbody affecting you, please contact us.

For additional resources regarding lake management, see these NYSDEC webpages:



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