December 29, 2020 / PWGC News

Our November Ride the Wave Award recipient, Ryan, has selected December’s Ride the Wave Award recipient. The employee that Ryan has selected is reliable and is able to meet the demands of difficult projects under high pressure situations. This employee is Garrett Gobillot, Project Engineer.

“Picking someone to pass The Wave to this month was not a simple decision. PWGC has no shortage of dedicated, kind, and intelligent people in its ranks who are willing to sacrifice their time and energy to help out their coworkers. However over the course of November it became apparent which person should receive The Wave, and that person is Garrett Gobillot!

Over the past several months Garrett has been invaluable in our efforts to meet the demands of some very difficult projects under high-pressure situations. His willingness to put in the extra work, focus on the needs of the project, and meet strict deadlines, all while keeping the client informed was crucial for us. Additionally, from speaking with others in the office, I can attest that Garrett has played a key role in several successful projects over the years and his reliability is very much appreciated.

Congratulations Garrett!”

Garrett states,

“I’m honored that Ryan would think of me to Ride the Wave! I really appreciate it Ryan, it has been a pleasure working with you more and more these past few months. I’d like to give thanks to Ryan and everyone at PWGC that has helped me grow for nearly 4 years! It hasn’t always been easy being up here in CT but thanks to the kind support of the PWGC staff I’ve learned so much!”

Who will Garrett pick for January? Come back to find out!

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