December 16, 2019 / PWGC News

We continue to Ride the Wave at PWGC. Our November recipient, Regina Bykov, PG, has chosen Usman Chaudhry, Project Hydrogeologist, to receive the award for December. Regina’s explains why she chose Usman:

“Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of working with Usman on several projects. Most of these projects included tasks to perform drone flights and bathymetric surveys to complete stockpile analyses and volume reserve analysis. Often, these types of projects require a level of coordination to process and obtain the data in the correct format. While it was not always an easy or straightforward task, Usman worked with our engineering group to understand how to process and provide a finished product that could be input directly into AutoCAD Civil 3D and would require little to no manipulation on the post processing end.

Usman’s willingness to work with engineers has helped us to not only spend less time preparing evaluations and analysis, but has also helped to improve the quality of our deliverables for our clients. Additionally, Usman has proactively researched new or improved technologies or equipment that may provide a higher level of value to our clients, often expressing an interest in learning the technology himself, which allows him to learn new skills, such as conducting bathymetric surveys. He is currently researching advanced types of technologies to map underwater surfaces using sonar and has expressed an interest in learning this technology as well.

I’m waving at Usman because he helped bridge a data processing disconnect, helped improved efficiency and quality of deliverables, and has actively engaged in learning new skills to improve and add value to our work products, and ultimately, our clients.”

Usman shares his feelings on being chosen by Regina,

“I feel very humbled and honored to have been recognized by Regina and the rest of my PWGC co-workers. This award has made me feel that my hard work, initiative, and dedication are being observed and appreciated. I hope that this award will make others who receive it feel as honored and appreciated as I feel. I look forward to taking more initiative, learn, and further play my part in PWGC’s growth. It is a very huge responsibility to select who the Wave will be passed on to among so many hardworking and talented coworkers.”

Stay tuned as we continue to Ride the Wave in the new year.

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