January 08, 2020 / PWGC News

Ringing in the New Year with a new Ride the Wave Award recipient. Jennifer Lewis, PG, Senior Project Manager was chosen by Usman to carry the wave into 2020. Usman states:

“Over the past six years, I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on several projects of different scales. The projects included tasks from oversight of NYC OER projects to performing investigation and remediation at different sites. These types of projects require a high level of communication between the field personnel and project manager to make sure that the proposed project plan is being followed by all different contractors. While it was not always an easy task, Jennifer has always made it work with her dedication and knowledge.

In all the projects that I have worked with Jennifer I have always learned something new. Jennifer’s dedication to the field staff she manages not only helps the field staff during the projects, but also helps them improve in their own career with proper guidance. She focuses on providing the best solutions to the clients with the proposed budget in mind, which saves the clients time and money. The most recent project I have worked with her on was a tank removal project. Jennifer’s suggestion of putting a dry well in excavation not only saved client’s money, but also provided them a better solution for remediation.

In addition to working full-time, Jennifer has recently completed her MBA degree. Managing the workload of both her professional job and her studies shows her dedication and hard work.

I’m waving at Jennifer because she is hard-working, dedicated and knowledgeable. She provides clients with the best solutions, while always providing vital guidance to the junior staff for their professional growth.”


Jennifer thanks Usman and reflects on his statements:

“Thank you, Usman, and everyone else for the kind thoughts, it’s greatly appreciated. I really do believe the company’s future success lies in supporting and developing the junior staff, so I always try to address any issues that arise and try to explain the decisions that I make so they can have a basis for their own decision making. I hope to increase my efforts with the junior staff to further their own development and our company’s development.”

Stay tuned as we continue to Ride the Wave.

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