March 05, 2021 / PWGC News

Ride the Wave award marches into March. February 2021’s recipient has chosen Derek Ersbak, PG, Vice President, due to his dedication, professionalism and ability to mentor and guide co-workers. Amanda explains why she selected Derek below.

“I nominate Derek to Ride the Wave for March. Derek is dedicated and passionate about everything he does, and it rubs off on you! He has always been willing to share his knowledge and knows how to think around any problem to find a solution. Derek is a reliable coworker, mentor, and friend that I am proud to say I work with. He is a real team leader, respectful, professional, and always has a positive attitude – someone that truly deserves recognition! So congratulations Derek, and thank you for being you!”

Derek thanks Amanda and says:

“I am honored to have been nominated to Ride the Wave for March. I would like to thank Amanda and the rest of the PWGC family for this recognition. Looking back to my first day in July of 2006 to where we are now, I am so proud of what we have accomplished together and look forward to our future.”

Stay tuned as we continue to Ride the Wave.


Ride the Wave Award March 2021 recipient Derek Ersbak, PG

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