November 22, 2019 / PWGC News

We have a new award at PWGC called the Ride the Wave Award. The award, created by Pat Sileo, Chief Human Resources Officer, recognizes an employee for their positive behavior, exceptional job, or embodying our core values. The award recipient is nominated by one of their co-workers. The receiver of the award keeps the award for one month. Once the month is completed, the award recipient must pay it forward and nominate another co-worker.

Our first recipient is Regina Bykov, PG, Project Manager. She was nominated by Maryann Ashworth, PG, Senior Project Manager. Here is why Maryann nominated Regina for the first Ride the Wave Award:

“We recently completed a reserves analysis for a client in Cohoes, NY. The purpose of the analysis was to quantify the volume of shale reserves in the permitted quarry, the volume of shale reserves if we were to expand the quarry into another parcel, and the volume of overburden for both scenarios. The client used the output data to make both short and long term decisions.

In order to meet the client’s deadline, Regina prioritized her workload and immediately began to create surfaces and measure volumes in Civil3D. She created multiple surfaces for the various scenarios using topography from DEMs, topography from a recent drone flight, reclamation contours, and borehole data. She had to create a whole new reclamation plan to incorporate the additional parcel and a surface from that plan. She reviewed each step with me via Google Hangout. It was a challenging process, but she persevered.

Regina and I met with a client regarding reserves analysis for a sand and gravel pit. Regina took the previous reserves analysis and re-did it using Civil3D for four (4) different reserves scenarios.

Regina gets a shout out for tackling a challenging project; doing the work at a high level; meeting a tight deadline; and then taking that skill and using it to provide a more accurate product to an existing client.

It was a pleasure working with her as she was driven to meet the deadline and provide an accurate, high quality product.”

Regina shows her appreciation for being the first to receive the Ride the Wave Award. She stated,

“I am very honored to have been recognized by Maryann and by the rest of my PWGC co-workers. As it travels through the office, I hope that this award will make others who receive it feel as valued as this award has made me feel. I look forward to learning some of the other accomplishments and challenges that have been overcome by my coworkers.”

Check back this December to see who the next recipient is!

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