May 03, 2021 / Industry News, PWGC News

PWGC has added a new company benefit, Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAP is a benefit offering resources and solutions for the problems you encounter. Just as health insurance addresses your physical health, your EAP benefits help with your emotional and mental well-being. And your EAP benefits also include much more than just help for problems – we have a host of benefits and opportunities to help you grow professionally, save money, improve your health, and enhance your personal life! Some of the benefits, resources and opportunities EAP offers is:

  • Counseling Benefits
    • Help with personal issues from relationships to stress and substance abuse.
  • Work/Life Benefits
    • Assistance for other personal, financial and legal issues.
  • Self-Help Resources
    • Access a vast collection of self-help tools and articles.
  • Peak Performance Coaching
    • One-to-one telephonic personal & professional coaching.
  • Lifestyle Saving Benefits
    • Get negotiated discounts and deals for wellness, shopping, travel & more.
  • Personal Development and Training Benefits
    • Over 8,000 eLearning opportunities to grow in your work, life, and career.
  • Wellness Benefits
    • Coaching, information, and resources to improve your overall wellness.

PWGC saw the opportunity to add the EAP to our company benefits after discussions with our executives, project managers and staff. Not only will this benefit allow our staff to manage their mental health and work stress, but also allows them to manage and improve their life outside of work. The benefits that the EAP provide focus on overall wellness. We noticed how the pandemic might have impacted our employees and decided to provide them with an additional support team. Mental health and overall wellness is important to us at PWGC and we want all of our employees to be stable in their work life and daily life.

“During the pandemic it was important to stay engaged with staff while we were physically separated. Loneliness affected many of us; I saw the EAP as a way to not only help employees deal with getting back to the new normal, but also to expand our already excellent benefit package to include more assistance for them and their families,” said Pat Sileo, CHRO.

“This important new benefit will augment the ones already provided to firm members,” said President/CEO, Paul K. Boyce, PE, PG. “It provides a bevy of new resources that will support not only physical well-being but emotional and mental health as well. I am glad we are able to provide these types of benefits to our staff and their families especially now during these rapidly changing and often difficult times.”

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