February 14, 2020 / PWGC News

The Ride the Wave Award has been passed on. Jennifer Lewis, PG, Senior Project Manager has selected not one, not two, but three recipients for February. The three selected are Brianne Phillips, Accounting Specialist, Elyssa Usefof, Administrator Manager and Rosemarie Ausili, Office Assistant. Jennifer decided to choose three individuals for the stated reasons:

“After Usman presented me with the Ride the Wave award, I immediately began to think about who I would honor.  What I thought might be the easiest thing to work on in January became very difficult as there are many people I would like to honor, all for different reasons.  I ultimately narrowed the selection down to three honorees for the month of February, each with some common traits.

Brianne, Elyssa, and Rosie have each started their PWGC careers as the entry level administrative/office assistant.  Brianne, in a short time, was promoted to the Office Manager position, then transitioned to a new role in accounting where she is excelling and finding improved ways to handle her tasks and grow.  Elyssa was also promoted in a short time to the Office Manager position and has been assigned tasks that include conducting research on mercury, performing engineering calculations, and thankless job of overseeing the field equipment and trucks.  Rosie, while new to PWGC and coming from the hospitality sector, has fit in well with our culture, is a quick learner, is proactive and does not need to wait for instructions, which is important for me since I can be very particular about how my work is done, especially when I’m not in the office.

These three women have been pushing themselves past their boundaries and should be an inspiration for all of us to do the same.”

Elyssa, honored by Jennifer’s selection, stated “Thank you, Jennifer for your thoughtful words and recognition, it is truly an honor! To say I feel proud to work for a company made up of such intelligent, hardworking people is an understatement. I look up to my coworkers and am constantly impressed by the work that they do and find it all incredibly interesting. I am here to lend a helping hand whenever possible and I look forward to the future and for the opportunity to continue to learn and grow.”

Rosie appreciated the recognition and looks to the future, “I am honored to have been recognized by Jennifer and the rest of my PWGC co-workers. In this short time with PWGC, I have learned so much about the work we do. Each day I am more and more amazed with what we can all accomplish. I look forward to learning and growing with this company for years to come.”

“Thank you Jennifer and everyone at PWGC! Congratulations to my co-winners!” said Brianne. “I am honored to not only receive this award but to be able to work for such an amazing company with great colleagues. Having the opportunity to have grown into 3 positions in these past years is more than I expected when I started. Thank you for the confidence in me. I truly appreciate it.”

Stay tuned to see who Elyssa, Rosie and Brianne select next!


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