March 05, 2020 / PWGC News

February’s Ride the Wave Award trio has chosen the next recipient for the award, Ed Hosek, Marketing Coordinator. Elyssa, Rosie and Brianne provided the reasoning behind their decision:

“As Administrative staff we’re asked to help on various projects for all employees. Sometimes what we need to do is beyond our technical capabilities – so, Ed comes to the rescue. He’s always willing to lend a helping hand with Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and any computer problem we may have. In fact, we think he’s a formatting genius! He takes the time to teach us tips and tricks to make our jobs easier and more efficient.

We’ve also noticed that he helps others bring creative approaches when preparing projects. And regarding our swag for employees and recruiting, he keeps PWGC merchandise and swag looking fresh and new. His knowledge of social media also is helping to increase PWGC awareness on our website and social media sites. Our “swag hats” are off to Ed!”

Ed states,

“Thank you Elyssa, Rosie and Brianne for the thoughtful words and for selecting me to be March’s award recipient. I would like to thank everyone else for the kind thoughts as well. I believe that you shouldn’t withhold helpful tips and tricks that could make an individual more efficient or effective. It would be a disservice to not only me, but also PWGC if I were to do so. When one is successful the whole is successful too. I look forward to finding solutions to the challenges that will come my way as PWGC grows.”

Find out who Ed selects to receive the award next month!

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