June 05, 2020 / PWGC News

Our May Ride the Wave Award recipient, Greg, wanted to give the award to the whole firm for its perseverance through the current times. As we wish we could bend the rules, the award is for a select employee. Greg selected an employee who he believes influences PWGC’s culture of respect, courtesy, professionalism, flexibility, commitment and a sense of humor. This employee is Jenny Lund, PE, Project Manager. Greg explains his selection,

“Before choosing who to pass the “RIde the Wave ” to, I immediately thought that everyone at PWGC should get it for riding this rogue wave over the last few months, so an applause to all of you!

Now to stick to the format.

In my 11+ years at PWGC one of the many things that has always made working here desirable is the culture. A culture of respect, courtesy, professionalism, flexibility, commitment and a sense of humor.

Having the privilege to work with everyone gives me the opportunity to say that everyone has been influential on this culture, however, one of the people that sticks out for me is Jenny Lund!

So a BIG THANK YOU to Jenny for your impact on this culture and for being a part of what makes PWGC a great place to work.”

Jenny, thankful for Greg’s selection, states,

“I want to thank Greg for his kind and thoughtful words, it really is an honor to receive this award.  I am grateful to be employed by such a wonderful company and am thankful for the culture that is fostered at PWGC. Being part of a company where everyone is willing to lend a hand and help at a moment’s notice is pretty amazing. It has been a pleasure to spend the last 9 years at PWGC and I look forward to what the future holds!”

Find out next month who Jenny selects!

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