May 05, 2020 / PWGC News

Dan, our April recipient, could not have selected a more deserving employee for May’s Ride the Wave Award recipient. The May Ride the Wave Award recipient is Greg Luchese, our Network Administrator. Dan’s kind words on his selection,

“Soon after Ed Hosek nominated me for this award in April, I had a pretty good idea of who I would select for May. Someone that is constantly working for each individual at PWGC, oftentimes early in the morning and through nights and weekends. Someone who has to deal with all of our technical issues related to laptops, cell phones, desk phones, internet connections, file transmissions, software subscriptions, contacts, emails, back-ups, printers, VPNs, “the cloud”, NINJIO cartoons, video-conferencing, and cable providers at the drop of a hat. Greg Luchese is this month’s recipient.

Greg has always been and continues to be a great team player, not only by responding quickly to our annoying questions at any hour of the day, but also by maintaining PWGC’s network capabilities long before the virus. This applies to all of PWGC including five branch locations and 65 home offices. Thanks to Greg’s commitment, foresight, standards and ability to work with each of us, I believe the majority of us have seamlessly transitioned into work-from-home mode, and those that had issues did not have them for very long. Not only is the network essential to conducting daily business, but also the programs we use to communicate and do our work, including re-subscribing, maintaining licenses and making sure these programs function on everyone’s individual PC takes a lot of behind the scenes effort. Greg was even able to replace my laptop last month – something I figured would’ve been cancelled. So I think I could speak for everyone when I say thank you Greg for everything that you have done and continue to do for PWGC.”

Greg, thankful for Dan’s selection, expresses,

“Working with all of you makes what I do very satisfying and being able to play a role in what makes PWGC go is equally satisfying.”

Find out next month who Greg selects!

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